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Brisbane Portrait Artist Painter: Cynthia Hargraves

brisbane Custom Portrait Paintings: Portrait Artist Weddings, Family, Children, Pets:oils, pastels,
charcoal,,watercolour, sepia,mixed media. Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth,
Tasmania- Portrait Artist

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Local Australian Artist Painter:Photos to Paintings by Cynthia Hargraves

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Professional Portrait Gift Artist: Cynthia Hargraves provides the best professional custom portraiture for order. Her service is local,experienced, reliable and affordable. She is an Australian Artist who will fly to locations for requests for portraits in remote areas. Please view Clients Testimonials on the service. Google Analytics guides decisions to portray this information in terms that you can easily locate the Commissioned portraits for adults, babies, children, teenagers and pets. Gift Vouchers are also available upon request.

The Photo....

Altering the light source gave this painting more impact and directed the eye of the viewer to the area of the action. One figure also needed to be altered.

The Photo....

The original photo that was altered to suit.